Master the Art of Presenting 2016

20th & 21st of October in Helsinki, Finland

    Master the Art of Presenting

    Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Event

    The third annual Master the Art of Presenting will once again provide you with an event filled with inspiring speakers and practical workshops to help you polish your presentation skills and become a better speaker and leader. The theme for 2016 is inspiration. Experts from around the world will share their insights about inspiring content, inspiring delivery and inspiring presentation tools.

    Inspiration is the catalyst for getting people to support your new idea. Inspiration moves people beyond their comfort zone and into new territory. Inspiration helps people go the extra mile even when the journey is difficult.

    If you want to succeed as a leader, you must be able to inspire people. With your ideas and with your words. This year, Master the Art of Presenting will show you how.

    “I was struck with the quality of the event. It was whole lot more than I had expected myself.
    I got so much ideas for how to get my ideas across more effectively.
    This was an awesome day!”

    Ranjit Mathur, Director – Private Banking, Taaleri


    Day 1 - 20th of October, 2016




    Welcoming Words


    Introduction of Speakers and Workshops



    John Zimmer


    Drinks and Networking

    Day 2 - 21st of October, 2016




    Event Starts


    Inspiring with confidence

    Mona Moisala


    Word from Event Partner


    Coffee Break


    65 words that make you think and speak better

    Ulla Vanhatalo


    Word from Event Partner




    Breakout session 1

    Choose session:

    1. Inspiring Content

    Florian Mueck

    2. Inspiring Delivery

    John Zimmer &
    Sari Paavilainen

    3. Inspiring Tools

    Timo Sorri


    Transition break


    Breakout session 2

    Choose session:

    1. Inspiring Content

    Florian Mueck

    2. Inspiring Delivery

    John Zimmer &
    Sari Paavilainen

    3. Inspiring Tools

    Ari Suominen & Harri Mikkanen, Microsoft


    Coffee break


    Breakout session 3

    Choose session:

    1. Inspiring Content

    Florian Mueck

    2. Inspiring Delivery

    John Zimmer &
    Sari Paavilainen

    3. Inspiring Tools

    Paulus Perkkiö, Seidat


    Transition break



    Petri Rajaniemi


    Q&A Session


    Closing Remarks


    Drinks and Networking

    Havain Oy reserves the rights to changes in the agenda.

    “The program covered all of the aspects of good presentation,
    starting from preparation and continuing all the way to
    technical details and delivery.”

    Milla Kettunen, Advisor, Sofigate


    Master the Art of Presenting 2016 will be held at the Scandic Park hotel, Mannerheimintie 46, 00260 Helsinki.


    John Zimmer - Professional Speaker

    John Zimmer

    John is an internationally recognized professional speaker and expert on public speaking, presentation skills, interpersonal communication and persuasion.

    With degrees in International Relations and Law, John has over 25 years of public speaking and presentation experience in a variety of business and legal forums.

    His clients include executive MBA programs of highly ranked world universities and business schools, multinational corporations and international organizations.

    John is a 7-time European champion of Toastmasters public speaking contests. He is regularly invited to speak at events across the world.

    John’s extensive global experiences enable him to connect with audiences of any culture. John is fluent in English and French, and conversant in Arabic, Italian and German.

    He is the co-creator of Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™. John also writes a popular blog about public speaking – – which is followed by readers around the world and which, in 2014, was selected by Prezi as one of the Top 100 online resources for presentations.

    Mona Moisala - Doctoral Candidate

    Mona Moisala

    Mona Moisala is a doctoral candidate majoring in psychology at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. Her PhD research involves studying the neural basis of attention and memory, and it tackles with questions such as what happens in the brain when we are trying multitask or ignore irrelevant distractors in the environment.

    In her research she also investigates how the fast-paced influx of information offered by modern technology affects the memory and attention capabilities of adolescents. In essence, her expertise lies in understanding how the brain handles information overload.

    She was one of the speakers in 2015 event and based on the great feedback we got, we needed to invite her again.

    Florian Mueck - Collaborator and Author

    Florian Mueck

    Before he started his rhetorical journey, Florian worked as a consultant and business development manager for almost a decade for KPMG, the global advisory firm.

    In 2009, he turned his passion for public speaking and persuasion into a successful profession under the FLORIAN MUECK brand.

    Ever since he has dedicated himself to helping companies improve their team performances and staff retention by teaching them the power of persuasive communication and memorable presentations. His specialty is moving people to action in a fun, pragmatic, energetic way.

    Today, he is a collaborator of IESE Business School Barcelona and author of The Seven Minute Star and PlusPlus, Florian offers transformational communication seminars, presentation coaching, keynote speeches and event moderation in English, German and Spanish mainly to international brands like Accor Hotels, Deutsche Bank, Santander Private Banking, Chupa Chups or

    Florian is coauthor of Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™ together with the international speaker, trainer and blogger John Zimmer.

    Sari Paavilainen - Presentation Coach

    Sari Paavilainen

    Sari is a presentation coach and an English teacher (MA). She has over fifteen years of experience in teaching, facilitating and coaching groups and individuals, as well as performing in front of audiences in both Finnish and English.

    With her expertise in coaching and interpersonal skill and presence, Sari helps speakers feel confident, relaxed and charismatic on stage, so they can focus on their message and their audience.

    Timo Sorri - Presentation Designer

    Timo Sorri

    Timo is a presentation designer and the founder and CEO of Havain. He is an engineer by education and presentations are his passion.

    Timo has a  background in IT management consulting, and marketing and sales. He developed an interest and passion for public speaking and persuasion after reading Juhana Torkki´s book Puhevalta in 2008. Six years later he had founded Havain, the presentation design company and organized the first ever Master the Art of Presenting event in Helsinki.

    Today he is a presentation designer and has spent over 10 000 hours with PowerPoint helping his clients—from small ones to global corporates and public institutions—turn their ideas into compelling and coherent visual stories.

    Petri Rajaniemi - columnist, writer, keynote speaker and founding partner at Future Works

    Petri Rajaniemi

    Petri Rajaniemi BBA, FRSA is founding partner at Future Works – a professional collective of frontline thinkers on the future of work and the ever-changing business landscape.

    Mr. Rajaniemi started his professional career as Secretary General of the Finnish Student’s Alliance and has since worked as the head of development at Finnish Education Providers and later as the head of development at the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

    Currently he helps publicly listed and medium sized companies, as well as public organizations and NGO’s to find a credible future in these turbulent times. Petri stays away from ”definite truths” in his presentations and tries to establish, encourage and promote a new way of looking and understanding things and most of all people. Every business begins with people and it ends in people. When speaking, his aim is to say at least something that no one else says.

    Ulla Vanhatalo - research coordinator

    Ulla Vanhatalo

    Ulla Vanhatalo (PhD) has a versatile academic career combining linguistic research, teaching, research training and administration.

    Currently working as a research coordinator at the University of Helsinki, she has eight years of international experience in three different foreign (Estonia, USA, Australia) universities as a student, teacher, and researcher.

    Vanhatalo is a specialist on word meaning research. During her post doctoral training in Australia, she got experience in validating NSM (Natural Semantic Metalanguage) framework.

    In collaboration with Juhana Torkki, she has popularized results from linguistic research for public use. The method of 65 words opens a revolutionary view on how to say complex things simply.

    Paulus Perkkio - designer and entrepreneur

    Paulus Perkkiö

    Paulus Perkkiö is designer and entrepreneur with over twenty years experience in sales, marketing and presentations. His companies are leading Finnish design and marketing consultancy Buorre and fast growing presentation company Seidat.

    Seidat has developed an interactive and intelligent presentation tool for business users. The target of Seidat is to be number one in the field of business presentations.

    Presenter is always salesman tells Paulus. Different presenters are selling different things. Sometimes you are selling new timetables, ideas, products or services. You need a very clear message, flexible structure and perfect tool to rise on fire. Presentations should be like a campfire, where presenter and recipients are collecting. Around the campfire discussion will be guided to the goal and deal is done.

    Welcome to learn new philosophy of presenting, which is enabled by Seidat.

    Malathy Eskola - Microsoft

    Malathy Eskola

    Malathy is the Marketing Lead for Microsoft Finland. Malathy has 15+ years’ of experience in various global, regional and local digital marketing roles, covering both commercial and consumer audience. The fast moving and developing digital landscape offers marketing professionals an unprecedented opportunity to continuously evolve how we engage our customers.

    At Microsoft, we find ways to engage in meaningful, ongoing relationships that involve frequent online and real-world interactions. Each customer interaction with our brand, let it be digital or physical, is an avenue for us to deliver personalized and one-on-one conversations. The question Malathy and her team grapples with everyday is how to do this effectively and efficiently.

    In her free time, Malathy practices and polishes her public speaking skills at Microsoft Talo Toastmasters Club.

    Harri Mikkanen - Microsoft

    Harri Mikkanen

    Harri is sales-minded marketing pro whose passion is helping any organization to get more productive with the help of modern software and the cloud.

    Harri has +20 years of experience in the World of software. Currently Harri works as Product Marketing Manager for Office & Office 365 at Microsoft Finland meaning marketing of some of the coolest technologies and solutions around. Harri has been bringing several modern collaboration and presentation solutions to the market.

    In his free time Harri is passionate about fishing, music and golf.

    Andy Bassuday - public speaker

    Andy Bassuday - Master of Ceremonies

    Andy has made a career in real estate business and political campaigning in Canada. Today he runs his business in Canada as well as trains real estate agents in Finland. He is also an accomplished public speaker, the president of advanced public speakers’ club Northern Stars Helsinki and has won awards on Scandinavian level in Toastmasters public speaking competitions.

    Andy is known for his enthusiasm and energy that lights up any audience. He is the master of ceremonies of Master the Art of Presenting event for the third time.

    “I changed the way I do PowerPoints the very next day.

    2014 seminar participant



    Microsoft provides the best technology platforms and keys to the productivity for the mobile and cloud-driven world. Company’s mission is to help people and organisations to achieve more. More information, please visit: and Twitter: @MicrosoftOy.



    Seidat is an interactive and intelligent online presentation tool. It allows you to present your ideas on any device, anywhere, anytime – even offline. Unique navigation revolutionizes the flow of the presentation and allows it to be adapted to flow of the conversation. With analytics, you will be able to see how the presentation is being used and by whom. Twitter: @Seidat_official




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    Ranjit Mathur, Taaleri

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