Master the Art of Presenting Master the Art of Presenting Master the Art of Presenting Master the Art of Presenting Master the Art of Presenting

Introducing #mastertheart 2016 – the presentation skills and public speaking event!

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Do you want to learn to inspire people and evolve your presentations skills and become a better public speaker, presenter and leader?

Join us in Master the Art of Presenting event on 20th and 21st of October in Helsinki, Finland!

The third annual Master the Art of Presenting event will bring you once again an event full of inspiring speakers and practical workshops to polish up your presentation skills!

This year’s event theme is inspire and you will learn from experts from around the world about how to create inspiring content, how to deliver inspiring presentations and the latest about inspiring presentation tools.

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Public speaking and presentation skills experts from around the world

Event about presenting and public speaking is nothing without inspirational and effective speakers, so in this year’s event we will see excellent keynote speakers and workshops hosts. They all are experts on their own fields and they will share their insights and tips to you!

John Zimmer - Professional Speaker

John Zimmer is an internationally recognised professional speaker and expert on public speaking, presentation skills, interpersonal communication and persuasion. John has over 25 years of public speaking and presentation experience and he will share his insights about delivering inspiring presentations.


Mona Moisala - Doctoral Candidate

Mona Moisala is a doctoral candidate majoring in psychology at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. Her PhD research involves studying the neural basis of attention and memory, and it tackles with questions such as what happens in the brain when we are trying multitask or ignore irrelevant distractors in the environment. She was one of the speakers in 2015 event and based on the great feedback we got, we needed to invite her again.


Florian Mueck - Collaborator and Author

Florian Mueck is a public speaking and persuasion expert and he has dedicated himself to helping companies improve their team performances and staff retention by teaching them the power of persuasive communication and memorable presentations. His specialty is moving people to action in a fun, pragmatic, energetic way.


Petri Rajaniemi

Petri Rajaniemi is a columnist, writer, keynote speaker and founding partner at Future Works. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Petri stays away from ”definite truths” in his presentations. He does not have his “core topic”, but tries to establish, encourage and promote a new way of looking and understanding things and most of all people. Every business begins with people and it ends in people.


Sari Paavilainen - Presentation Coach

Sari Paavilainen is a presentation coach and an English teacher (MA). She has over fifteen years of experience in teaching, facilitating and coaching groups and individuals, as well as performing in front of audiences in both Finnish and English.


Timo Sorri - Presentation Designer

Timo Sorri is a presentation designer and the founder and CEO of Havain. He is an engineer by training and presentations are his passion. Timo has spent over 10 000 hours with PowerPoint helping his clients—from small ones to global corporates and public institutions—turn their ideas into compelling and coherent visual stories.



Andy Bassuday is also an accomplished public speaker, the president of advanced public speakers’ club Northern Stars Helsinki and has won awards on Scandinavian level in Toastmasters public speaking competitions. Andy is known for his enthusiasm and energy that lights up any audience. He is the master of ceremonies of Master the Art of Presenting event for the third time.


“Time flies when you´re excited and enjoying the show”

Like year’s before, our goal for this year’s event is to provide event where time really flies and that inspires and helps you to evolve as a presenter and public speaker.

Want to know what participants from the past year’s had to say about the event? Here is a video from last year’s attendee Ranjit Mathur, Director – Private Banking, Taaleri, where he will tell you his thoughts about the event.


Don’t miss your opportunity, book your tickets to Finland’s hottest presentation skills and public speaking event now!

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